Last year, we checked out Ricoh's 360-degree Theta V camera and walked away pretty impressed. Our primary complaint concerned the price tag, which at $400 is quite high. Last month, Amazon dropped the price to $350, though that's still no small amount. Luckily, today's deal from Focus Camera gets you a Theta V certified refurb for just $239, nearly half off MSRP.

In our Theta V review, we praised the superb image and video quality, the small and lightweight design, the companion editing app, the compatibility, and the availability of first-party accessories. Price tag aside, our only gripes were with the hard-to-press side buttons, the lack of waterproofing (there are cases available that fix that), and the lack of a microSD slot. The 19GB of internal storage should be enough for most, but it could get a bit constricting when shooting video.

Focus Camera's current price of $239 is $90 less than its regular refurb price. The camera comes with a 90-day warranty for peace of mind. Hit the buy link below to pick one up.