Security updates come every month for Pixel owners, but we don't usually expect any user-facing changes to arrive with them. With the February patches, however, there appear to be a few little differences. The most minor of those is the moving of the 'About Phone' menu in the settings, but the update process itself has some new features.

First of all, the installation of the latest OS patch will pause while you use your phone, stating that "Installation will automatically resume when the device is idle." This could be handy if you're doing something important and you don't want your phone to slow down. It can also be manually resumed or paused again.

The string for the update pausing has been around since last summer (search forsystem_update_installation_paused_not_idle_status_text), but it's only now being utilized. In what appears to be another new feature, a small, grey line of text below the progress bar tells you what's currently happening.

Once the update has been installed, you still need to restart in order for it to take effect, which isn't always convenient. Another new option lets you schedule the restart for 2:00 AM so it won't get in the way. It's quite possible these changes arrived with the January update, along with the circle of hell, but we're only just seeing them now as we install the February patch (Edit: It appears they come as part of Google Play Services version 15).

  • Thanks:
  • Henny Roggy,
  • Samarth Verma