In somewhat of a strange move, phone manufacturing startup Essential purchased CloudMagic in December of last year. CloudMagic's primary product was Newton Mail, a cross-platform mail application that cost $50/year to use, which shut down last August. Now it seems Essential has revived Newton Mail, as the service is once again online and functional.

In a blog post, CloudMagic explained that it has been integrating with Essential and working on new features since the company was acquired. Some of the new additions include a button to delete a single email in a thread, improvements to copy/paste, and fixes to the Mac app. Newton also now has integration with OmniFocus, Giphy, Things, 2doapp, and Bear.

If you want to try out Newton, it's once again available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. The service subscription also still costs $50/year, so if you were hoping Essential might foot (some of) the bill, sorry to disappoint.