The world of premium, high-end Chromebooks is starting to heat up — the Pixelbook is no longer all by its lonesome. Though not new, per se, Acer's Chromebook Spin 13 is now available in a new configuration. The most expensive one yet, you get an i5 CPU with 16GB of RAM for $999.

A thousand bucks for a Chromebook with a 15W quad-core i5-8250U and 16GB of LPDDR3 RAM is a competitive price, especially when compared to the base model Pixelbook (with its fanless 7W dual-core i5-7Y57) which also costs $1,000 — not to mention when you consider the $1,649 i7/16GB version. It also features a 3:2 display, so you're not missing out on that with the Spin 13. And it comes with the Wacom stylus and 128GB of storage.

"Overpowered," or perhaps "overkill," is how I'd describe this Spin 13 version. Though a hefty $999 directly from Acer, you can find this config for slightly less (about $980) on Newegg and B&H. If you're going to go out shopping on your own, be sure to look for model number CP713-1WN-59KY.