February's security patch began rolling out yesterday, and whether you grabbed it by checking for an OTA update or by downloading the file straight from Google and applying it, you may (or may not, really) notice one tiny change. The About phone section of settings is jumping up to become a top-level item.

It's a small thing for sure, but if you used to hit Settings -> System -> About phone to check your device's IMEI, IP or Mac address, software version or build number, you'll now have one less tap to do. About phone is no longer under System; it has graduated and gotten its own menu under Settings, all with a swanky new pastel violet icon.

Left & Middle: About phone under System. Right: Now it's a top-level setting.

The change makes sense, as most software seems to have its about section directly under settings and not hidden in a sub-menu. But it also wasn't that difficult to guess that it'd be under System. Either way, there's a search function that may be even faster at getting you the info you're looking for.

  • Thanks:
  • Mohamed Faisal,
  • Ray W,
  • Zachary Kew-Dennis