We've not covered T-Mobile Tuesdays for quite some time, but the Un-carrier has just unveiled a couple of new offers we thought you might be interested in. Using the marketing power of the Super Bowl, TV spots highlighted new partnerships with Lyft and Taco Bell.

In conjunction with ride-sharing company Lyft, T-Mobile is offering a free journey costing up to $10 for each of its users. Ever-entertaining CEO John Legere had this to say about it: "While Verizon and AT&T have been taking their customers for a ride for years, we're all about giving ours a ride on us." To make use of the freebie, you need to have Lyft installed and then open T-Mobile Tuesdays on February 5 to save your offer. The ride is valid until the end of the month.


In a separate TV commercial, T-Mobile joined forces with Taco Bell to give you some dinner inspiration. Rather than simply offering a free taco on a Tuesday, this deal is good for a free taco any day of the week, every week. If you're someone who already frequents the Tex-Mex chain on a regular basis, that's going to be a tasty deal.


The company also used the announcements to boast about all the things it's given away for T-Mo Tuesdays over the years, including 1.3 million gallons of coffee and 49 million hours of free movies. Apparently, subscribers get up to $966 of free stuff every year — not bad at all.