It's that time of the month: Google's Pixel updates are landing. Although OTAs don't appear to be rolling out via the traditional means just yet, Google has posted both OTA files and factory images to the usual locations for your side-loading pleasure.

Downloads are up for all Pixels, including the Pixel C. Build numbers are highly sequential across hardware, and as follows:

  • Pixel 3 and 3 XL: PQ2A.190205.001
  • Pixel 2 and 2 XL: PQ2A.190205.002
  • Pixel and Pixel XL: PQ2A.190205.003
  • Pixel C: OPM8.190205.001

At the time of writing, the Security and Pixel Update Bulletins have yet to be published, but we'll be sure to update once they're up with details surrounding the fixes included in this month's update.

We're also keeping an eye out for the OTA button to work today. Although we reported that it appeared to be fixed last month, an alternative theory was presented: That the late release so far into the month gave carriers more time to certify the update, and that they're typically the reason the button appears not to work. (I.e., Google didn't change anything, the button has been fixed, but carriers are inadvertently breaking it.) By the end of today, we shall see.

Both bulletins are up. Curiously, the Pixel bulletin this month is entirely empty: There are no Pixel-exclusive functional patches mentioned for February.

In more general security terms, February's release has a pile of filesystem related security fixes, some Qualcomm and Nvidia-specific tweaks, and your typical generic pile of arbitrary code execution patches. Nothing too interesting compared to the lack of a Pixel bulletin.

Looks like we can rule out that alternate theory. Everyone and their grandmother was getting the update, as expected, by tapping the button once it began to roll out.

The button is fixed.