Hot on the heels of Google pushing the latest update to the Pixel devices, Essential shows it still means business and has issued its February security patch for the Essential Phone PH-1.

The update brings the device to build PQ1A.190105.014 and includes the usual bundle of non-Pixel specific security fixes as listed in the February Android Security Bulletin. Along with the security patches, Essential has included its own fix for a modem security bug as well as undisclosed performance and bug fixes specific to the PH-1.

Despite the PH-1 being discontinued, the company isn't falling behind with security patches. Essential still manages to beat the likes of Samsung in delivering timely updates, and that doesn't look like it will change anytime soon.

Go ahead and hit that update button and sit back and relax with a smug smirk knowing you're that much more protected than a majority of other Android users out there.