Netflix's recent interactive film Bandersnatch received mostly mixed reviews, but was wholly successful in driving interest in Choose Your Own Adventure-style (CYOA) stories. That was both a boon and a frustration to Chooseco, the owner of the CYOA registered trademark and publisher of the famous book series of the same name. There was finally a resurgence of interest in CYOA stories, but the company didn't feel it was getting proper recognition. After filing a lawsuit with Netflix, Chooseco has now taken its first step into taking advantage of its newfound popularity in the digital age with a CYOA Alexa skill. 

Working with Audible, Chooseco turned two of its older titles into interactive stories for Alexa: Journey Under the Sea (which takes place in the lost city of Atlantis), and The Abominable Snowman, set in the Himalayas. To access the books, you can use the command: "Alexa, open Choose Your Own Adventure" - though upon first open you'll need to provide parental permission through the app.

The stories are fairly easy to navigate. You can say "go back" to go back one scene an make a different choice, or "start over" to start the story from the beginning. Alexa also tracks your progress and bookmarks if you need to stop the story before it's complete.

The stories are best suited to kids, who will likely love the simplistic, non-stop action in this new format just as much as the older generation enjoyed it in book form. It's no Bandersnatch - there is no dad murder or pondering about the nature of existence, but perhaps that's best left to the makers of Black Mirror anyway. Still, here's hoping this is only the first step into the modern era for Chooseco - it'd be a shame for the self-proclaimed "OG immersive platform" to let this moment of opportunity slip by.