Connected devices have made my life a lot easier by automating tasks for me, such as turning on the heater when it's too cold or lighting up my living room before I get home. Smart plugs are one of the most convenient ways to achieve this, as they're easy to set up and work with virtually anything: I use them to control floor lamps, aroma diffusers, electric heaters, and even my Christmas lights. The main drawback with connecting almost everything at home is the price, as these devices are usually expensive, but thanks to an impressive 40% drop, you can get Amazon's Smart Plug for less than $15. This is a great bargain as the plug usually sells for $25 and hasn't been discounted for less than $20.

Amazon's device is one of best rated smart plugs on the market and is also very easy to set up. However, unlike most of its competitors, it only works with Alexa and isn't compatible with Assistant, which could be annoying if you already have a Google Home. In case you don't have a smart speaker yet, you could save even more by buying a second generation Echo for just $70 instead of $90.