Lowe's, a home improvement retail chain based in the United States, introduced its first 'Iris' smart home products in 2015. The lineup consisted of cameras, leak detectors, door locks, motion sensors, lights, and other related products. After a failed attempt to sell off the Iris division last year, Lowe's has discontinued all Iris products — and most of them will stop working soon.

"We have decided to shut down the Iris smart home platform and related services effective March 31, 2019," Lowe's wrote on the Iris home page. "We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are committed to providing the resources and support needed as you transition to comparable smart home products."

While all online services and the device hub will stop working, some Iris products use standard protocols like Zigbee/Z-Wave that are compatible with other hubs. Lowes says it is working directly with Samsung SmartThings to ensure as many Iris products as possible can be used with SmartThings hubs.

Iris products that can be directly connected to a Samsung SmartThings hub

If you have "eligible, connected Iris devices," you can redeem your connected devices online to receive a Visa prepaid card. Annoyingly, the redemption page will only be live until March 31, but Lowe's appears to be generous with the payouts. One Reddit user received "more than I spent on the three plugs I have," while another was given a $480 card.

Iris by Lowe's
Iris by Lowe's
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