For some, the Super Bowl is all about the event itself: watching two teams play the last football game of the season — or see who ends up playing the Patriots in their last game of the year, if you're a cynic. For many others, including myself, it's just an excuse to get together with your friends, eat a bunch of unhealthy foods, and watch some frequently amusing, high-budget ads. If you're in the latter camp, Amazon pushed out one of its Super Bowl commercials for you to check out early, and it's pretty funny.

I won't spoil all the jokes, but the premise of the minute and a half-long video is a pair of Amazon employees admiring the Alexa microwave — as one does — while they discuss all the other failed Alexa-powered hardware that preceded it. As you'd expect, each has some immediately obvious and funny flaw. Also, Harrison Ford gets upset with his dog.

Sure, it's no Tide ad, but I laughed.