The main reason I don't use a Chromebook for my work here at AP is that I can't run full Photoshop on it. Proper watermarking is one use case that hasn't been possible in the Photoshop Express Android app, but the functionality has been greatly improved in the latest update — even though most people will have found another solution for this by now.

As Adobe's changelog admits, watermark resizing was a much-requested feature, and now it's here. You still don't get full control over the positioning, but it's far more useful than it was before. The below image is one I was able to quickly put together with the latest update; the watermark would have been much smaller previously.

At the same time, PS Express has filled out the vignette options and added some new text styles. Check out the full changelog below:

What's new

Watermark resize — Have complete control over the size of the watermark on your images. A much-requested functionality, humbly delivered!
Enhanced Vignette — Give your photo a dramatic vignette effect with precise control of roundness and feather.
New content — New looks and Text styles have been added to the application.
• Bugs and Crash fixes for a smooth experience.

The latest version of Photoshop Express is numbered 5.9.571, and we have it on APK Mirror for you to download. As usual, there are some smaller bug and crash fixes thrown in that should ensure a "smooth experience."

Photoshop Express Photo Editor
Photoshop Express Photo Editor
Developer: Adobe
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