Back at IFA last year, Lenovo announced that it would be releasing a premium Chromebook, which got a bunch of us excited. Dubbed the Yoga Chromebook, it impressed with its clean visuals and promising spec list and price tag. The base i3/1080p model was available back in October for a mere $599.99, but the 4K configuration was yet to be seen. Well, Lenovo sneakily put it up for purchase, along with a new 1080p variant.

The lack of fanfare is odd, considering the significance of the laptop, but Lenovo has been a bit dodgy about confirming whether the U.S. would see the 4K variant at all. It remains to be seen just how many people are clamoring for a 4K Chromebook, but the $899.99 price might put off some. Still, that's less than a Pixelbook, and it has a bigger, higher-density display.

Lenovo also released a second 1080p configuration, which bumps the internal specifications a bit and adds a backlit keyboard. Otherwise, it's the same i5-8250U/8GB/128GB setup as the 4K model, complete with eMMC storage and the same 4-cell 56Wh Li-Po battery.

You can hop right over to Lenovo's site to buy one for yourself, if you'd like, but you'll have to wait up to five weeks for your fancy laptop to ship. If you find that having a 4K display on a Chromebook seems unnecessary for you, the 1080p version is $719.99 from Lenovo, but it's currently listed as out of stock. Functionally, it's the same laptop, though I expect the battery life will be significantly better since it doesn't have to push nearly as many pixels.