When it comes to charging and audio accessories, Anker is one of the more trusted brands out there — it makes well-rounded Bluetooth earbuds and USB-C chargers. Today, we found a deal on the recently released top-of-the-line Soundcore Model Zero speaker, bringing it down to $140 from an original price of $200. To take advantage of this 30% discount, you need to simply clip the coupon on the Amazon listing.

The Motion Zero is a Bluetooth speaker that incorporates aspects of its wired counterparts, like transducers designed by Scan-Speak that deliver sound quality comparable to that of a home system. With IPX5 water-resistance and a battery life of 10 hours, you can take the speaker outdoors without worry.  Taylor reviewed it last month and was impressed by the sound and build quality, but wasn't too happy with the non-standard charger.

If the Motion Zero isn't in your price range, we also found 15% coupons for two other speakers from Anker: $39 for the Motion Q (originally $46), and $25 for the Soundcore Mini 2 (originally $30).