Gather 'round folks, Tez celebration time! Google's mobile payment solution for India, formerly known as Tez and later rebranded to Pay, has reached an important milestone in its software life: 100 million installs on the Play Store. This is usually when developers bring out the big cake and everyone wishes them zero bugs and 100% positive reviews for the months to come.

While the number may seem like no easy feat, especially for a service that's barely older than a year, this isn't the first time an app aimed at the developing market quickly garnered mass installs. YouTube GoFiles Go, and Facebook Messenger Lite reached that milestone before it, all taking approximately 12-15 months after release to do so. In comparison, apps that many would consider as more prominent, such as Google Pay, LinkedIn, or VLC, needed a lot more time to get to that 100 million mark.

Pre-installs do play a role though, as Tez was included out of the box on devices from several manufacturers, including HMD (Nokia). But with an average 4.5 rating and more than 1.6 million reviews on the Play Store, it does seem that the millions of installs aren't just a decorative icon in app drawers but a useful service that many Indians turn to.

Google Pay - a simple and secure payment app
Google Pay - a simple and secure payment app
Developer: Google LLC
Price: To be announced