The Google Arts & Culture app started as little more than a web wrapper, but Google has added new features and given it a UI overhaul since then. There have been some fun camera-based tools like the artistic doppelganger ID and color matcher. Now, there's a new camera tab that puts them all in one place.

Just grab the latest version of the Arts & Culture app, and tap on the camera icon at the bottom. You'll get a viewfinder with a list of all four experimental camera features. There's Art Selfie, Color Palette, Art Projector, and Pocket Gallery.

Art Selfie is probably the most popular Arts & Culture experiment. It scans your selfie to find works of art that look like you. Color Palette samples colors in a photo to find art with a matching vibe. Art Projector lets you see what works of art would look like in your home using augmented reality. Finally, Pocket Gallery is an augmented reality exhibit of Vermeer's works.

The tab is the only new part of the app, but it's handy if you want to get some culture in your camera. Enjoy.

Google Arts & Culture
Google Arts & Culture
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