Last September, we told you about an upcoming Chrome OS feature that would allow you to log in multiple Google accounts at once. The skeleton of the feature was there, but it didn't work. For the past months, I've been peeking inside my Pixelbook's settings searching for it and getting disappointed time after time. Well, today brings that wait to an end. Multiple account support is live in the latest Chrome OS Canary version.

The news comes to us courtesy of Chrome Story who found the feature and tried it out. The setting to add new accounts is under Settings -> People -> Google Accounts. After authenticating it, you will be able to use it in Android apps — for example, Gmail, Calendar, Play Books, Google Docs, etc... — as well as to authenticate on websites that offer a Google login. It doesn't seem like multiple Chrome profiles will be supported, as I had hoped earlier, but at least we're on the right track now. Perhaps if I close my eyes and really wish for it, it might happen soon - ha!

The video above shows how to add a new account and where it becomes available afterward. Keep in mind though that this is currently available on Chrome OS Canary, which is the least stable release. We will need to wait a bit until it reaches the beta and stable channels.

Multiple account support has rolled out to users on the stable channel as part of the Chrome OS 76 update.