When Meizu announced its concept Zero smartphone last week, the idea seemed outlandish, even if a logical continuation of the minimalism trend we've been seeing the last couple of years. At the time, Meizu swore the device existed and although we doubted that, it does look like the Zero will soon make its way into production as Meizu has opened up an Indiegogo campaign for it.

I should mention one thing first though: the entry price is $1299.

If you had more money to burn, $2999 to be exact, you could have grabbed the pioneering unit with an estimated delivery date of January 2019 (i.e. tomorrow?!), but it's already been claimed. The rest of you will have to wait until April to get your pedestrian $1299 units.

The Meizu Zero is one of two models to surf this seamless phone idea — the other is Vivo's Apex 2019, but it's also still a concept and doesn't have a front-facing camera. By comparison, Meizu's take is relatively more concrete and slightly more realistic too.

The Zero has a ceramic unibody, Snapdragon 845, 5.99" AMOLED display, 20MP front cam, IP68 water and dust resistance, and Bluetooth 5.0. There's no word on the rear camera's resolution, and the device runs Flyme OS 7. Although it's based on Android, the likelihood of seeing official Play Store support on it is flimsy. Update: Recent Flyme OS devices from Meizu have been certified by Google and run the Play Store officially.

As for ports and holes, Meizu does away with all of them, saying, "Messy cables, headphones, opening a sim slot with a tiny pin … all these daily hassles are part of our current life now. We believe life is too short to waste time on dealing with things like that. That’s why we’ve created the world’s first holeless and seamless smartphone, to set you free from the restraints." So instead, you have an embedded eSIM, an in-display speaker and fingerprint reader, a virtual side button, wireless charging, and wireless data transfers at speeds similar to USB 3.0.

Meizu has set a $100,000 funding goal on Indiegogo and 10 backers have voiced their interest so far, one of whom already snatched the pioneering unit. While the entire idea of using crowd-funding seems more like a marketing ploy than anything, I'd like to commend Meizu on at least choosing the fixed funding option (it won't get the cash unless the goal is reached). Plus, this being a well-known company, backers are less likely to be scammed out of their money with nothing to show for it. The usefulness of what they will get, however, is up for debate.

Press Release

Meizu zero, the world's first holeless smartphone, Launches Crowdfunding Initiative on Indiegogo
Starting at US$1299

January 30, 2019, 9 am EST - The Meizu zero, the world’s first holeless smartphone, has launched a crowdfunding initiative on Indiegogo. As Meizu’s first flagship model of 2019, the zero brings together an uninterrupted three-dimensional ceramic unibody, Super mCharge Wireless, wireless USB transmission, and mSound 2.0, among other cutting-edge technologies. Demonstrating Meizu’s indisputable strengths of product development, the zero is the ultimate adventure to future flagship smartphones.

The crowdfunding offers two option for perks: the Exclusive Engineer Unit at US$1299 and an Exclusive Pioneering Unit at US$2999, of which the Exclusive Pioneering Unit option is limited to only one unit. Once the Exclusive Pioneering Unit is pledged, it will be shipped within five working days. The shipping of the Exclusive Engineer Unit units will start once it hits the funding goal, and backers are expected to receive their orders in April.

A vision for the future of smartphones
From skyscrapers to home appliances, the trend of design has evolved to reflect a sense of minimalism with sleek and streamlined element, together with seamlessness and ergonomics. In the smartphone space, however, the same minimalistic concept has been hard to achieve due to messy cables and unreliable mechanical structure. Until now.

Uniquely crafted from a three-dimensional ceramic unibody, Meizu zero embraces minimalism to the extreme. A true holeless design with a stunning 5.99-inch AMOLED display, 20-megapixel front camera with beauty mode, fingerprint sensor under its OLED display. The visually appealing full ceramic body finish with the nice grip and texture, making you instantly fall in love with it.

Holeless smartphone design, the design of tomorrow
The Meizu zero comes with a true holeless design, striving for the highest possible degree of minimalism. Its groundbreaking mSound 2.0 In-screen sound technology, allows zero to throw off the shackles of cable, speaker and microphone as the full audio is pumped out from the display. Adopting Pressure Sensing Technology and mEngine 2.0 linear haptic engine, the “Virtual Side Button” on Meizu zero gives you the feeling and tactile feedback of a physical button. Removing the need to have a physical SIM card, eSIM allows users to efficiently manage multiple devices. Together with IP68 Certified Dust & Water Resistance, Meizu zero taking care of your needs at 360 degrees.

True wireless data transmission
A true wireless experience, Meizu zero features patent’s Super mCharge Wireless and dedicated charging base. With Bluetooth 5.0, allowing you to seamlessly switch between different Bluetooth devices; with the flawless internal structure and the USB 3.0, delivering an impressive data transmission speed.

The announcement of Meizu zero on January 23 has drawn worldwide attention and obtained over 100 media coverages. As eSIM is a nascent technology that has not been widely adopted in China, Meizu heads to global crowdfunding platforms to satisfy the needs of tech enthusiasts overseas.
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