Imagine: you've plopped down on the couch and fired up Hulu on your phone, ready to watch your stories on the big screen using a Chromecast. But as the show starts, you're struck with a deafening wall of sound — you left the volume on blast the last time you were watching TV. Where's the remote? You have no idea.

Well, don't panic, because now, the Hulu app lets you adjust Chromecast playback volume right from your phone. It doesn't actually change the volume of your TV or sound system; rather, it changes the volume of the software. So whatever your TV is set at dictates the maximum volume, but you can adjust to your heart's content below that threshold. Other apps like Netflix have had similar functionality for some time. Here's the full changelog:

Do you use Chromecast with your Android device? If so, no need to pick up the remote anymore. You can control playback and volume directly with your Android device when casting to your TV.

We’ve also made it easier for you to keep up with what’s coming and going on Hulu. You’ll now see expiring badges in My Stuff to let you know if something’s scheduled to leave Hulu.

The update is live on the Play Store, or you can grab it from APK Mirror, if you're so inclined.