If you're looking for inexpensive smart lighting for your home, this buy-one-get-one-free offer from Office Depot for TP-Link A19 smart bulbs might be just the thing. The bulbs can't change color, but they are dimmable and — most importantly — it'll only cost you $25 to get two with this coupon code.

Just a week ago, TP-Link offered a similar deal: $30 for a two-pack of LB120 smart bulbs at B&H — an offer that was made slightly sweeter by the fact that users could change color temperature (cool or warm light). That promotion has now expired, though, leaving this Office Depot deal the best price on the market for TP-Link bulbs. Amazon is currently charging $20 for one A19 bulb, while Best Buy is charging $22.

The frosted 60W bulbs connect via Wi-Fi (secured 2.4GHz) and are operable via the accompanying Kasa app. The bulbs also work with voice controls from Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana.

To nab the deal, head to the Office Depot listing, add two bulbs (each listed at $25) to your cart, and apply coupon code 48908738 at checkout to wipe out the price of one bulb. The offer is good until roughly the end of this week — February 2nd — so you have a bit of time to make your decision on this deal.