With the Super Bowl right around the corner, there seem to be TVs on sale everywhere — I suspect brands don't want you to miss their astronomically expensive beer commercials. Today we spotted a good deal on two 49-inch Roku TVs from TCL:  $200 for a 1080p and $280 for a 4K version.

Both variants have 4.6-star ratings on the Best Buy website, so you know you're not getting a lemon. A review of the 4K version praises the low input lag and motion blur, making it a good budget 4K option for your gaming console. These TCL TVs have Roku functionality built-in and come with a Roku remote — saving you the hassle of buying another gadget to stream content through.

While the 4K version has dropped to $280 a few times since last year's Black Friday, $200 is an all-time low price for the 1080p variant. You can find them both on sale at Best Buy, and Amazon also has the 1080p version at the same price.