OnePlus has been steadily improving OxygenOS on the 6 and 6T thanks to a regular stream of new Open Beta versions. Today marks the arrival of yet another, right before the end of January. As always, the changelog is below.

Here's what's new:


  • Added OnePlus Laboratory (OP6 only)
  • Gaming mode enhancement
  • Optimizations for screenshot
  • Support for quick reply in landscape mode, now easier to reply to new messages when watching videos


  • Now supports world clock with weather information

Obviously, the most eye-catching thing there is the addition of OnePlus Laboratory. That's been available on the unlocked 6T since launch, but it's making its way to the OnePlus 6 with this Open Beta. It's pretty sparse right now –including only the Smart Boost feature – but one can imagine that OnePlus will add new experimental stuff there in the future.


Frankly, the highlight of this update is the new landscape quick reply feature. Basically, it allows you to reply to messages (from your SMS app, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) while watching a video or gaming and still see the message. I don't have a screen cap of it in action, but you can get the basic gist from OnePlus' description in the screenshots above.

Below is the link to the forum post. OnePlus pulled the file that I had included earlier, so I have, too. For now, if you don't get the OTA, you'll have to wait for the downloads page to be updated.

  • Thanks:
  • Jaxidian,
  • Moshe