You're all busy people, and that's why being able to set a reminder with the Google Assistant on your phone is such a godsend. Unfortunately, a few people are experiencing an issue whereby those reminders aren't triggering a notification as they should.

We have a couple of tips from affected users, and plenty more have hit the "Me too!" button on this support page. Adding reminders either by voice or typing appears to work as expected, and entries are showing up in the reminders list, but a notification never comes. I can't replicate this behavior myself, but others on the Play Store are clearly experiencing the issue.

The problem is afflicting users of the stable Google app, specifically those who have updated to the latest version (9.0.6) in the last few days. Uninstalling that update is enough to regain functionality, so there must be a little bug in there that Google needs to squash. The best advice at this point is to roll back to the last version of the app (9.0.5 — available on APK Mirror) and wait for Google to release a fresh update with the fix. A new beta is available, but it sounds like the issue persists there, too.

Fix rolling out

Google must have already been on the case as many users (including in the comments below) are now reporting that the issue has been fixed. It seems the problem was present from at least the stable Google app version, but a likely server-side update is restoring reminders to a functional state. You may notice a flood of notifications when the fix hits your device — hopefully, you didn't forget to do anything too important.

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