We found a particularly tempting TV sale this Sunday $200 for a Toshiba 43" Fire TV. With HDR support, this 4K LED TV is a Fire TV Edition device, so you can bark commands across the living room.

The TV is well-reviewed, with praises for the image quality and voice functionality, though viewing angles aren't the greatest. Last month we saw another Toshiba 43" Fire TV on sale for $220, thought that was just 1080p. This seems like a better deal. It's available on Amazon and Best Buy, the latter even has Open-Box units for $185.

If you're looking around for a bedroom TV, this is a good option to consider, especially at the all-time low price of $200 (the lowest we could find this for previously was $250). Being a Fire TV Edition, you wouldn't need to get a Roku or Chromecast for your smart TV needs. It makes even more sense if you're in the Echo/Alexa ecosystem, as you could probably do without an Echo in that room.

While this is no longer selling on Amazon for $199, Best Buy still has it on sale for the same price, with a 2nd-gen Echo Dot thrown in to sweeten the deal.