Given how frequently the Home Mini goes on sale or is put in a bundle, it seems like Google has a few too many of these on hand. This latest deal comes from BuyDig, which is offering two Home Minis, each with its own wall mount, for just $40 via Rakuten.

We all know what the Home Mini is by now: Google's cheapest Assistant-equipped smart speaker. It'll answer your questions, create appointments, and play your music. Sound quality isn't anything special, but that's to be expected at this price point.

BuyDig via Rakuten is offering two Home Minis with two wall mounts for them for $40. These wall mounts usually go for around $10 apiece alone, so this is a nice bonus, especially if you were worried about not having any space to put a Home Mini. Chalk (white) is the only color available — the Charcoal (black) bundle hasn't been discounted. Use code HOME20 at checkout to bring the price down to $40.

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