While the main challenge Android manufacturers are facing this year is to get rid of the infamous notch, many by simply punching holes in their screens, LG seems to be taking a different route altogether. In a short video published yesterday, the company teased a device with hover gestures to be announced on February 24 at Mobile World Congress.

The video merely shows a hand swiping in various directions over a "Goodbye Touch" writing, and invites the viewer to mark their calendar for the announcement in Barcelona.

While at first glance, one would think this video may not necessarily relate to a phone announcement, we'll point out that it was posted by the smartphone division of the company, LG Mobile Global. It's unclear what exactly the swipes would control, but if the Korean OEM is banking on this feature to raise its next flagship's appeal, the gestures should be available for as many interactions as possible. Plus, they could come in handy when your fingers are dirty or wet.

This wouldn't be the first phone capable of handling gesture controls though, as similar features have already been implemented in the past without being very popular. Also, apps such as Air Gestures can bring the same functionality to any Android phone using its front-facing camera. We're hoping LG will announce something more exciting and useful here, but we'll have to wait a few weeks until we know for sure.