Sure, you've been reading about smart home stuff. Think maybe it's time to jump in, adopting (well, almost literally) a laissez-faire approach to lighting controls? This could be your chance, at minimal cost and with no fancy electrical wiring required.

This TP-Link kit contains a pair of 3-way wall switches that you can control manually — the relatives will like that — or remotely. TP-Link says they work with any device using Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, or some 3rd-party home platforms (e.g.: IFTTT, Nest).

[We pause, here, to note the absence of Apple's HomeKit.]

TP-Link switches get mostly happy reviews on Amazon, with this kit averaging 4.2 stars. One major caveat: your switch-box must have a neutral (white) lead. Also, some older boxes could be too small, so check for proper fit before you disconnect the extant wiring.

Some reviews cite issues with the latest revision of Google Home. A few people complained about TP-Link's proprietary app (Kasa) in particular use-cases. But then the app was updated just last week, so you can't say TP-Link isn't trying. As always, tho, YMMV.

At $45 (plus shipping) after B&H's discount, this deal matches the Black Friday price and it's the cheapest I can find. The item page — see our 'Buy' link, below — has a prominent 25% coupon; click it to collect your discount, which will then be shown in your cart.

With TP-Link's reputation and B&H's promise of satisfaction, this strikes me as a solid deal. I see no expiration date, but the kit shows as back-ordered. B&H expects stock in 3 to 7 business days, so you'll have a wait before you start flipping things off from the sofa.