Streaming media players have really come down in price over the last few years. If you want to get Netflix on your dumb TV (or smart TV with terrible apps), you've got plenty of affordable options — like the Roku Premiere, which is capable of 4K streaming and is currently just $32.99 for Rakuten members.

Roku has all the apps you could want, like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and even Google Play Movies & TV, and the Premiere can output video in 4K. It's usually $38.99 at Rakuten, but coupon code WC6 will knock 15 percent off. You do have to have an account to snag this deal, but those are free and don't take long to sign up for.

At $33, the Roku Premiere is cheaper than a non-4K Chromecast, plus it has a remote. The sale runs through Tuesday, January 22, so head over to Rakuten to pick yours up before then.

If you decided to wait, your patience is being rewarded: Amazon now has an even deeper discount on the Roku Premiere. Get it there for $29.99.

It looks like the Roku Premiere is down to $29.99 not only at Amazon, but at B&H and Best Buy as well.