In the last couple of years, we've seen some real strides toward the truly wireless earbud dream — one that I do not share, but I digress. Doubtless, Apple kicked off the fervor with the Airpods, but that hasn't stopped some other legitimately good options from popping up. We've looked at few here at AP, but this one is still in testing. Anker's Zolo Liberty Air normally goes for $79.99, but with a coupon, you grab a pair for $63.99.

Anker is proud of the secure fit and graphene technology that the Liberty Air uses, which supposedly provides clear audio, which also applies to calls. Battery life is said to be about five hours, but your mileage may vary (as always). They also feature touch controls and, like other similar products, they charge in their case.

To get this lower price, enter the code SDCAIR02 at checkout. You can get started at the purchase link below.