Just a couple of days ago, we reported on a new "car view" mode being tested by Spotify, which (as the name might suggest) optimizes the app's interface for use in a car by making everything a whole lot bigger. Turns out, that might not be the company's only plans when it comes to in-vehicle entertainment. Financial Times is reporting that Spotify has hardware goals, planning what it calls a "voice-controlled in-car music player."

The new hardware would reportedly sync to existing stereos via Bluetooth, and provide buttons directly assigned to Spotify playlists, in addition to those voice controls. It'll be a bit on the expensive side, too, costing around $100. Spotify has been reportedly working on this product together with Flex, an American OEM already familiar with automotive electronics manufacturing.

Using the music player will reportedly offer a similar experience to accessing Spotify via existing voice assistants, though it will be powered by Spotify's own in-house "Spotify Voice" system, rather than any of the current dominant smart assistant platforms like Alexa or Google's Assistant.

Apart from those tidbits, information is lacking. We don't know if this device has a screen, or if it leverages your phone's data connection or provides its own when streaming music. There isn't yet any speculation about dates for availability either, so we could be in for quite a wait before we hear more.