If you've never heard of speed limits popping up in Google Maps, we can't blame you. As of July 2017, Maps' speed limit feature was only confirmed to work in two areas: the San Francisco Bay Area in California and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There's been little news since then, but tonight we received three tips from different parts of the US showing that speed limits were live in Maps.

Back in October, Google actually downgraded the US's speed limit availability from "good data quality and availability" to "approximate data quality or availability." Given that the Bay Area was basically the only place where speed limits on Maps were deployed, the demotion made sense. That might change soon, though, given that one tipster from New York City, another from Los Angeles, and yet another from Minnesota all tipped us about seeing the speed limits tonight.

Looking at the wide spread in geography, this obviously isn't location-based. And since there haven't been any Maps app updates very recently, it's definitely the result of a server-side switch. Let us know if you've been blessed with this feature — it really shouldn't have taken this long to arrive given that it's been in Waze for years, but we're glad to see it nonetheless.

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