For the longest time, users have been bemoaning the lack of Waze-like reports on Google Maps, even though the two apps are technically part of the same company. Things started moving in the right direction when we spotted crash and speed trap reports in Google Maps in November, then again in December, though the feature hasn't rolled out to everyone yet and is still a little flighty in the way it works. Until now however, that meant only reporting something, and not seeing what others reported. But development is on track as one tipster let us know that he can now see speed traps on the map.

According to our tipster, Ajay, speed traps are visible when exploring the map and when driving. In the latter situation, you also get an audio cue when approaching a speed camera.

So far, I don't see these icons even if I browse to the same location, and our tests to check for them in other regions have failed. So it seems like the speed trap icons are slowly rolling out as a server-side switch.

  • Thanks:
  • Ajay Joyson