Remember LG's ill-fated Friends modules — you know, that one camera grip thing and the other DAC add-on that never came to the US for the poorly-made G5? The company apparently didn't learn its lesson, as CNET is now reporting that it could be unveiling a phone with a second-screen add-on at MWC next month.

According to someone close to the project, this attachment would potentially double the screen size, and it would debut alongside several other LG phones at MWC. CNET does seem quite certain that the attachment will not be foldable; LG seems to be leaving that to Samsung.

As of right now, we're not sure if the phone in question will be dubbed "G8" or something else, but we'll find out soon enough. MWC starts on February 25th this year, so we have a little bit over a month until this interesting accessory gets announced. We give it good odds that more info will leak out before then, though.