Over the weekend, an update to the Google app beta accidentally broke weather for the At A Glance Widget, affecting Pixel owners, some third-party launcher users, and anyone who manually added the widget since that became an option. Thankfully, an update (v9.0.4) which is rolling out today fixes the problem.

Again, I'd like to reiterate that only those who were in the beta program for the Google app were affected. And even then, based on reports, it seems a some running v 9.0.2 never saw an issue on their devices.

Left: Version 9.0.2, Right: Version 9.0.4.

I've tested across all of my previously affected phones, and in every case installing this latest beta update to the Google app results in weather returning to the widget in mere seconds. This applies to both first-party implementations, and third-party launchers. If Version 9.0.4 doesn't itself contain the fix, it's at least the switch.

It would appear that the update is also rolling out as we speak via the Play Store, as 9.0.4 was available for all of my devices. As always with rollouts, YMMV. If you don't see a Google app update available for the beta program, you can always sideload this latest version thanks to those fine folks at APK Mirror.