When it comes to mass market speakers, JBL is pretty well-known name. We've seen the company enter the smart home space, too, with items like the Link View and Link Bar. But in the vein of crazy deals, Newegg is currently offering the Link 10 for just $60 right now. That's a very cheap Assistant speaker.

In the image above, the Link 10 is the smaller of the two, but is by no means small in sound. In fact, amongst those of here at AP who own one, it's basically on par with the regular Google Home. Being battery-powered is another bonus, too — a portable Assistant speaker that you can put anywhere without having to worry about cords sounds appealing.

You can grab one for yourself at the buy link below. Bear in mind that only the white model is on sale, for whatever reason, and there are six days left on the sale.

As we figured, this deal was too good to last. Hopefully, you managed to snag one before they were gone, $60 was a great price. If you're late to the party, we're sorry you missed it, but we'll keep an eye out for more deals, as always.