Beta tests for Google Assistant's Polish language support have been going on for several months, so it's no surprise to see the feature officially launch. If you speak Polish, you will now (or soon, at least) be able to use Assistant in that language. Developers can also build Actions on Google in Polish.

Just like any other localization, Assistant's Polish support doesn't only mean that it will answer your regular queries in the same language. It will also have a local flavor, understanding classic Polish films, knowing the country's music, and more.

Developers eager to create new Actions on Google in Polish, or localize their existing ones, can get started by checking out the links at the end of the post. eSky and PLAY seem to be on board already with their own actions.

The Assistant's Polish support will be rolling out gradually and take a few weeks to reach everyone, so don't worry if you don't have it yet. On Android, it will be available upon touching and holding the home button on devices running 5.0 Lollipop and above (and with the Polish language set as default), while on iOS, the app can be downloaded from the iTunes Store in Poland.

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