Google Pay users in the States have a pretty nice thing going for them, with the service supported by umpteen million financial institutions (give or take a million). But as we travel abroad, the situation's much more hit-and-miss. It's far from a sure thing that Google Pay is available in a country at all, and even where it is, the selection of partner banks can be pretty sparse. So today we're happy to share with you some progress towards remedying that situation, as new banks come online for Google Pay around the globe.

Australia already got a pretty nice Google Pay shot in the arm last fall, at that continues with the addition of support for Geelong Bank and Unity Bank.

Italy may be a Google Pay newcomer but it's already showing signs of growth, most recently with new support for PostePay S.p.A. and UBI Banca, and extended card compatibility for Nexi and Partner Banks.

Spain sees a modest update, with support for Rebellion Pay arriving, and all four of Google Pay's new Nordic entries also get a new option, as Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden now work with Danske Bank.

Keep 'em coming, Google; every little addition helps.