Arlo is set to release a new 4K version of its home security cameras, but they're going to cost a pretty penny. If you don't need 4K resolution and you've got an existing Arlo setup, now could be the time to stock up on HD cameras. The Pro 2 add-on cameras are on sale for $151.80 at Amazon.

Arlo's cameras are completely wireless and battery powered, and they record video in 1080p resolution. You can mount them anyplace within range of the hub, and they last a few months on a charge. The Arlo kits all come with a wireless hub for your cameras, but the add-on camera is cheaper than we've ever seen it over at Amazon.

For $151.80, you can add another Arlo Pro 2 camera to your network, provided you already have the hub. It's usually $220, and that's what it's selling for at Best Buy right now. Arlo cameras work with Alexa and Assistant, and the Android app recently got a visual update. This camera has Prime shipping, too.