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Smart home company Leviton unveiled a series of Alexa-enabled smart home devices that are both much less interesting than the aforementioned $8,000 intelligent toilet and probably much more useful, too. To begin with, there's the Decora Smart Wi-Fi 4-button controller, which lets users control multiple smart lights and works with Alexa, Assistant, and the My Leviton app. Then there's the Decora Voice Dimmer with Alexa built-in. Finally, there are the Decora Smart Wi-Fi and Decora Smart Z-Wave Plus in-wall receptacles, which work with Alexa, Assistant, Nest, IFTTTT, and more. Pricing isn't advertised yet, but all gadgets should be available by mid-2019.


One of the most interesting products on show at CES period was LG's new rollable OLED TV, which saves space (and keeps a room looking tidy and minimal) by rolling into a little box when not in use. There's a lot more to it than that, of course, but we can't get into everything here. The only other things I'll note is that it also functions as speakers in its rolled-up mode, and features built-in Amazon Alexa, as well as HomeKit support. It's going on sale sometime in the second half of this year for probably somewhere in quadruple dollar sign range (that is to say, a lot). Meanwhile, the rest of LG's 2019 smart TV line-up will also feature Alexa, in addition to Google Assistant. Find our coverage here.


Smart lock company Lockly has come up with a clever way of confusing would be lock code thieves - the keypad on the Secure Pro generates numbers in random order each time the lock is in use, and each input on the keypad is actually three numbers, so it's impossible to know for sure what the code is even if someone is watching over the user's shoulder. Also, it features Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and plans to add Apple HomeKit support later this year. It is now available for pre-order at the price of $300.


Flo by Moen, a new smart home water monitoring and leak detection system created in partnership with Flo Technologies, lets users monitor and control their homes' water systems through a Wi-Fi connected device that is installed on the main water supply line going into the home. That device connects to a smartphone app, and the system is also compatible with Alexa, Assistant, and IFTTTT. Additionally, Alexa commands for U by Moen, a smart shower system, are now more intuitive and also function as part of larger Routines.


Electrical connection company nVent added smart home integrations for its NUHEAT Signature, a Wi-Fi-enabled floor-heating thermostat. The floor heating system was already compatible with Nest and Control4, but now also works with Alexa, Assistant, and IFTTTT.

Press Release

nVent Launches Smart Home Integrations & Developer API for WiFi Thermostat

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--nVent Electric plc (NYSE:NVT) (“nVent”), a global leader in electrical connection and protection solutions, is pleased to announce new smart home integrations for nVent NUHEAT Signature, the company’s premium, WiFi-enabled, floor heating thermostat. These new integrations for the Google Assistant®, Amazon Alexa®, and IFTTT® are launching alongside an application program interface (API) for developers and system integrators, enabling them to connect the Signature thermostat to any custom home automation system. This new functionality, combined with the existing integrations for Nest® and Control4®, gives consumers and developers a unique opportunity to create a personalized, integrated floor heating system for the connected home. nVent NUHEAT will debut these new smart home integrations at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, January 8-11.

Floor Heating for the Connected Home
Signature is the first WiFi-enabled line voltage thermostat that allows consumers to control their floor heat using all of these platforms: the Google Assistant®, Amazon Alexa®, IFTTT®, Nest®, and Control4®. In addition to the expanded compatibility, Signature still offers all the key WiFi-enabled benefits customers have come to expect: energy use monitoring, live weather forecasts, and remote control via the Signature app for iOS® and Android® or via All nVent NUHEAT thermostats are covered by a three-year warranty.

The DIY Smart Home
All existing Signature thermostats are compatible with the new integrations and owners can learn how to activate these functions by visiting This reverse compatibility ensures both new and existing customers can make any house a personalized, connected home.

“Signature is now the most connected floor heating thermostat available. We are excited for the millions of homeowners who will now be able to integrate their nVent NUHEAT Floor Heating System with a home assistant, smart home device, or home automation system,” says nVent NUHEAT Product Manager Wally Lo.

Invaluable Resources for Integrators and Developers
In conjunction with the launch of the consumer product integrations, nVent NUHEAT has launched the Signature API website at This suite of hardware integration tools provides developers and integrators with everything they need to create custom connections for home automation systems.

The Consumer Electronics Show takes place in several venues throughout Las Vegas from January 8-11, 2019. The nVent NUHEAT team will be showcasing the new integrations at booth #41870 in the Wireless Devices & Services section on level 2 of the Sands Expo.

About nVent
nVent is a leading global provider of electrical connection and protection solutions. We believe our inventive electrical solutions enable safer systems and ensure a more secure world. We design, manufacture, market, install and service high performance products and solutions that connect and protect some of the world's most sensitive equipment, buildings and critical processes. We offer a comprehensive range of enclosures, electrical connections and fastening and thermal management solutions across industry-leading brands that are recognized globally for quality, reliability and innovation. Our principal office is in London, United Kingdom and our management office in the United States is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our robust portfolio of leading electrical product brands dates back more than 100 years and includes nVent CADDY, ERICO, HOFFMAN, RAYCHEM, SCHROFF and TRACER.


Panasonic announced the GZ2000 TV at CES, which features a 4K OLED panel, support for HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HLG photo format, and upward firing speakers capable of delivering Dolby Atmos audio. It also has Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The TV comes in 55-inch and 65-inch models, but no specific pricing or availability details are nailed down as of yet. This is just a guess, but since Panasonic is hyping it up as the "world's most cinematic TV," it probably won't be cheap.

Press Release

Panasonic’s GZ2000: World’s Most Cinematic TV

  • New custom Professional Edition 4K OLED panel tuned in Hollywood
  • New HCX PRO Intelligent Processor which delivers unrivalled detail and accuracy
  • World’s first* TV to support HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HLG Photo format
  • World’s first* TV with built-in upward-firing speakers capable of delivering Dolby Atmos.
  • Speakers tuned by Technics with JENO Engine technology

Las Vegas, NV (January 7, 2019) – Panasonic today announced the launch of the GZ2000, featuring a custom-madeProfessional Edition 4K OLED panel which incorporates custom hardware improvements by Panasonic. Optimized by a leading Hollywood colorist, the new panel highlights unparalleled color accuracy and significantly better than average brightness levels.

The GZ2000 is the world’s first* OLED TV to support both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision HDR as well as HLG Photo, the new still image format which brings still photography into the HDR world.

Furthermore, the GZ2000 is the world’s first TV with built-in upward-firing speakers capable of delivering Dolby Atmos® immersive audio with total ease and convenience. The total audio system has also been tuned by Technics engineers. Also, with support for voice assistants, the GZ2000 can integrate seamlessly with a smart home setup.

Panasonic’s flagship OLED panel tuned by Hollywood

Leading colorist works with Panasonic to guarantee the filmmaker’s intent

Available in 65-inch and 55-inch screen sizes, the new GZ2000 OLED represents the combination of Panasonic’s technological accuracy with the color-tuning skills of Stefan Sonnenfeld. Stefan Sonnenfeld, founder and CEO of Company 3, is a trusted collaborator of some of the world’s best filmmakers.  Sonnenfeld is among a handful of leading artists who has championed the power of color grading to tell stories and communicate emotion. Described by NPR as a “da Vinci of the movies,” Sonnenfeld has applied his skills as a colorist to many of the most acclaimed and popular features of the past decade:  “A Star is Born;” “Wonder Woman;” “Man of Steel;” “Beauty and the Beast;”  “Star Wars: The Force Awakens;” “Jurassic World;” “300;” and many more. Like many other leading colorists, he uses Panasonic OLED screens as large-format client reference monitors in his daily workflow.

No ordinary OLED panel, the bespoke Professional Edition 4K OLED panel has been exclusively customized by Panasonic R&D engineers. This has resulted in even greater control of the parameters that affect picture quality. In particular, the average brightness level has been boosted significantly and contrast handling improved, resulting in increased dynamic range. HDR content now looks even more impactful, with the GZ2000 effortlessly able to reproduce tricky scenes of variable brightness and contrast – often found in live sports broadcasts and in action movies. Because of this level of customization, combined with the exceptional color-optimizing skills of Sonnenfeld, Panasonic has created some of the most accurate, cinematic images ever seen on a TV.

Additionally, in response to requests from Hollywood’s professional users, Panasonic has extended the range and reduced the interval between calibration steps at the darkest end of the RGB and gamma scales. The GZ2000 is also one of the first TVs to support CalMAN PatternGen test patterns from Portrait Display’s® CalMAN® software along with AutoCal functionality. Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) calibration settings are also supported.

HCX PRO Intelligent Processor delivers superior OLED panel control while supporting both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision

The GZ2000 uniquely covers all the popular dynamic HDR bases

The GZ2000’s HDR OLED panel is powered by Panasonic’s most advanced processor ever, which rapidly analyses the color, contrast and clarity of 4K video content, optimizing them and giving more control over the screen’s all-new Panasonic-customized OLED panel. Featuring an even faster Dynamic LUT, the GZ2000 is Panasonic’s best TV at selecting and displaying the correct color for every single brightness level. Even when brightness levels and contrast vary rapidly within a scene, the GZ2000 unfailingly delivers the most accurate colors, resulting in a more satisfying image than ever before.

The HCX PRO Intelligent Processor is also compatible with multiple formats of dynamic HDR metadata and ensures that viewers experience the best possible TV pictures available regardless of their source. The GZ2000 is the world’s first model capable of displaying both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision® formats*. And, with Multi HDR support, the GZ2000 is also compatible with Hybrid Log-Gamma(HLG), which is an HDR format expected to be widely adopted by TV broadcasters. HLG Photo, a new still image format is also supported along with regular HDR10, as found on most UHD Blu-ray discs and streaming services.

World’s first TV with built-in upward-firing speakers capable of delivering Dolby Atmos

The GZ2000 boasts cinematic audio with support for Dolby Atmos

The GZ2000 is the world’s first* TV with built-in upward-firing speakers capable of delivering Dolby Atmos. It uses multiple speaker units to produce an immersive spherical soundstage with Dolby Atmos content.

Dolby Atmos transports audiences from an ordinary moment into an extraordinary experience with moving audio — sound that fills the room and flows around them with breathtaking realism to create a powerfully moving entertainment experience.  Audiences will feel like they are inside the action as the sounds of people, places, things, and music come alive and move throughout the space. And, because Dolby Atmos is built into the GZ2000, it’s never been easier to experience immersive audio at home.

Despite its impressively thin profile, the GZ2000 delivers a powerful and dynamic output complemented by a powerful bass. The total sound system has been tuned by engineers from Panasonic’s acclaimed audio brand, Technics, and  feature Technics’s proprietary JENO Engine for accurate, refined sound.

“Together, Dolby and Panasonic are bringing best-in-class audio and imaging technology to Panasonic’s TVs,” said John Couling, Senior Vice President, commercial partnerships, “Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos perfectly complement the GZ2000’s advanced display, transforming it into an entertainment powerhouse.”

My Home Screen 4.0 takes smart TV to the next level

The GZ2000 features Panasonic’s new My Home Screen 4.0, which allows viewers to tailor the TV user interface to their own preferences with more freedom and flexibility. The layout of the home screen can be reconfigured to allow customized layouts. Access to VOD and broadcast content is also easier thanks to a redesigned GUI that includes icons for decks that provide shortcuts to live TV, connected devices and apps such as Netflix, Amazon and YouTube. Viewers can even add frequently watched TV stations to the home screen.

The GZ2000 also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing users to operate some key TV functions, just using their voice.

*as of 7 January 2019 and according to Panasonic data.

About Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company

Based in Newark, NJ, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company is a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation. The company offers a wide range of consumer solutions in the U.S. including LUMIX Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Blu-ray players, Home Audio, Technics, Cordless Phones, Home Appliances, Beauty, Grooming, Wellness and Personal Care products and more. . Panasonic was highlighted in Forbes Magazine’s Global 2000 ranking as one of the Top Ten Best Regarded Companies for 2017.  The ranking is based on outstanding scores for trustworthiness, honesty with the public and superior performance of products and solutions.


Petcube has come out with the second generation of its pet watching and rewarding gadgets for absent pet parents. Both the Petcube Bites 2 camera and snack machine and Petcube Play 2 camera have Alexa built-in, so you can go hands-free and ask Alexa to fling treats, play, and more. Petcube Bites 2 and Petcube Play 2 will arrive in the spring priced at $250 and is $200 respectively.


One of the more interesting Alexa integrations to crop up during CES was Razer's new Alexa integration with its Razer Synapse 3 IoT platform. One of the main perks is being able to control Razer's Chroma lighting system (the software that enables all of Razer's fun LED lighting flare on products) through Alexa voice commands, but it goes further than that. Users can also use Alexa for things like changing PC settings and launching games, and voice controls will also work for any third-party products connected through the open Chrome Connected Devices program, meaning you can also control things like Philip Hues bulbs. Always a step ahead, Razer.


Since Amazon purchased Ring, it's no surprise that the company added Alexa voice controls to all its newly launched sensors for its Z-wave security system. There's the Smoke & CO Listener ($35)Flood & Freeze Sensor ($35)Dome Siren ($30), and First Alert Z-Wave Smoke/CO Alarm ($40). Find more information in our coverage here.


Finally, Alexa on a keyboard. Roland's new GO:PIANO 88 features built-in Alexa, which allows players to make keyboard adjustments hands-free, and also promises access to libraries of play-along tunes and the ability to share clips of your playing. There's no set price yet, but the keyboard will debut at some point in late 2019.


Samsung's QLED 2019 models will be compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, meaning you'll be able to control the TVs by using your existing Amazon Alexa devices. Available commands include turning on and off the TV, controlling the volume, opening some apps, and more. For more information check out our coverage here.


Lock firm Schlage announced a new smart lock at CES, the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, that is tightly integrated into the Amazon ecosystem. You can use voice controls with Alexa, enable Amazon Key deliveries with a paired Amazon Cloud Cam, and integrate it with a Ring Video Doorbell or Ring Camera to lock or unlock the door through the Ring app's live video feed. The lock by itself costs $250 and begins shipping in March.

Press Release

CES 2019: Introducing Schlage Encode—the First-Ever WiFi Enabled Deadbolt to Work with Key by Amazon and Ring Devices

Industry Leader in Smart Home Technology Debuts Next Generation Lock to Provide Homeowners an Innovative and User-Friendly Solution for Secure Access Control

LAS VEGAS (Jan. 7, 2019) – Schlage, a brand of Allegion that has been creating stylish, innovative door
hardware for more than 95 years, today announced its newest smart lock, Schlage Encode Smart WiFi
Deadbolt, at the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Featuring built-in
WiFi connectivity, Schlage Encode is the brand’s next generation smart lock to enable secure remote
access from anywhere, without the need for a hub. Schlage Encode will initially be integrated to work with
the Key app to provide homeowners with a convenient solution for access management that can be used
without a camera or hub. Schlage Encode will be on display at the Key by Amazon CES booth (#42320).
“Even with all the advancements in the category, we recognized there was still a gap in simple, secure,
high-performance and cost-effective all-in-one solutions,” said Lee Odess, vice president, solutions
providers business at Allegion, maker of Schlage locks. “Thus, Schlage Encode was designed to be the
most versatile smart lock to date to provide homeowners with one trusted device – no gateway or hub
needed – that could operate across home ecosystems and platforms and deliver the performance
consumers expect from a category leader.”

Schlage Encode is the newest connected device to enhance the brand’s portfolio of innovative smart
locks. The deadbolt is easy to install, with a quick connection to in-home WiFi, to make it even more
convenient for homeowners to have secure, remote access control. The built-in technology eliminates
the need for an additional hub – all you need is WiFi and the Key app to install and start using the lock.
Customers can choose to add an Amazon Cloud Cam to their Key Smart Lock Kit to monitor entries and
deliveries but it is not required for the Schlage Encode to work. Additionally, Ring customers will soon
be able to lock and unlock their Schlage Encode directly from the live feed of their Ring doorbell or camera
in the Ring app. Users can also enable the Key skill within their Alexa app to enjoy voice control of their

“For the past year, we’ve been thrilled to see how customers have benefited from Key by Amazon. We
started with the idea of in-home package delivery and quickly learned that our customers found peace of
mind and delight from the control Key gives them over their most important place—their homes—even
when they weren’t there themselves. We are now evolving Key to open up new possibilities,” said Rohit
Shrivastava, GM of Key by Amazon. “The Schlage Encode lock is an innovative, easy-to-use option for
any customer who wants to experience the magic of a keyless life. It makes managing access for renters,
letting the dog walker in while you’re at work, sending a grocery delivery to your elderly parent’s house,
and so much more incredibly simple – all you need is WiFi and the Key app.”

The Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt managed by Key contains several convenient features,

• Built-in WiFi so users can operate Schlage Encode from wherever they are via the Key app.
• The ability to manage multiple guest access, by creating up to 100 unique codes for recurring,
temporary or permanent access. This means customers can create unique codes with specified
schedules for guests that are only active during specified time periods.
• Ability to monitor access via customizable notifications when a code is used, or via the app activity
log to see a historical record of when the lock has been accessed.
• Optional in-home delivery for Prime members in eligible areas with the addition of the Amazon
Cloud Cam.
• Voice assistant compatibility via Amazon Alexa. Customers enable the Key skill for Alexa and ask
Alexa to lock their door and check the status of their door. Homeowners can enable “Unlock by
Voice” in the Alexa App, which requires a 4-digit code when unlocking Schlage Encode.

Furthermore, Schlage will have an immense presence at CES this year, as the brand is also announcing
the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with Z-Wave integration with the Ring Alarm system. Ring Alarm
customers can link the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with Z-Wave to their Ring Alarm Base Station
to add access control to their Ring of Security. This enables the lock and unlock features directly through
the Ring App, and homeowners can also connect their Ring Alarm to Alexa-enabled devices for even
more control with commands like “Alexa, lock the front door.” CES attendees can check out the enhanced
Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with Z-Wave at the Ring Booth (#42720).

The Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt will be available in the first quarter of 2019. Visit to learn more and sign up for an email alert when Encode becomes available.
In addition to the Key Booth (#42320), the Schlage Encode will be on display at other partner booths at
CES. Integration with the Ring App will additionally be available in the first quarter of 2019. The Schlage
Connect Smart Deadbolt with Z-Wave is available for sale nationwide for $199 MSRP. For more
information, please visit


Sony's WH-1000XM3 noise-canceling wireless headphones will soon receive Amazon Alexa support, the company announced at CES. The same applies to older models, the WH-1000XM2 and WI-1000X, which is good news considering the popularity of Sony's wireless noise-canceling headsets. The update will be delivered via Sony's Headphones Connect app (version 4.1) and firmware update in the first quarter of 2019.


Arguably the most space age Alexa integration that came out of CES was Temi, a robot with a tablet for a head that will feature built-in Alexa once Amazon releases its Smart Screen and TV Device SDK. When it arrives in March for a whopping $1,500, it'll be able to do things like move around autonomously, play videos, control smarthome hardware, and operate as a telepresence device (which was the initial concept for the device).


TP-Link announced several new smart home gadgets through its Kasa brand at CES, including smart video doorbells, in-wall outlets, light switches, and more. Most of the Kasa products are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana. For more information on availability and pricing, check out our coverage here.


Vuzix announce the consumer release of its Blade AR glasses and, guess what, they will soon feature Amazon Alexa. These clunky specs are described as a "wearable smart display" and run on Android. While Vuzix hasn't fully completed the Alexa integration yet, it expects to be ready with the voice AI soon. The glasses are already available online for $1,000.


To cap things off, Whirlpool released a Smart Countertop Oven that recognizes the type of food you put inside using AI then sets the time and temperature needed for an optimal result. It also provides mobile notifications about cooking status, and a smart thermometer to check food is well-cooked, but obviously the coolest part of this device is that you can activate it hands-free using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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