The Wireless Power Consortium is a group of companies with the goal of developing and promoting the Qi wireless charging standard. Some of the members include Apple, Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Panasonic, and Sony. Oppo has now joined the organization, possibly indicating that future Oppo and OnePlus phones will have Qi wireless charging.

Oppo is now listed on the WPC's member list, though it's not clear when they joined. Since joining the consortium is a requirement for creating devices that use Qi wireless charging, none of Oppo's current or past phones have Qi support. The company filed a patent last year for a 15W wireless charging technology, but that hasn't appeared in any products so far.

Oppo and OnePlus operate under the same parent company, and frequently share technology and resources with each other, so Oppo's membership could mean the OnePlus 7 (or another future model) will feature Qi charging. We'll have to wait and see.