When it comes to massive trade shows like CES, many companies feel the need to get extravagant with booth installations just to stand out from the crowd. Case in point: Google set up a musical, Small World-style ride for Assistant that is the very definition of over-the-top. Thankfully, even those of us who aren't attending the event can give this monstrosity a virtual ride through a 360-degree video posted on YouTube.

The ride follows the narrative of a frazzled dad attempting to get the cake for a surprise birthday party, showing how Google Assistant can help along the way, from sending ETAs by voice to the new Interpreter Mode (at this point in the song Google rhymed "French" with "clench" so make sure to watch out for that masterful bit of songwriting). The reception on YouTube ranges from excited fans calling for a permanent installation to a simple: "Okay, but why though?" Both are equally fair responses in my book.

There's no question that CES 2019 has been a major event for Google Assistant announcements, though, with many different product integrations and a slew of updates including flight check-ins and hotel booking (for American users), the broadening of Google Assistant lockscreen access to all Android phones, and the rollout of real Assistant integration into Maps.