With smart speakers being so common in homes these days, it only makes sense to bring them to vehicles. The first Google Assistant speaker for cars, the JBL Link Drive, was announced earlier at CES. Anker just revealed its own version — the Roav Bolt.

Anker is no stranger to bringing digital assistants to cars; we previously reviewed the Roav Viva, a phone charger that doubled as an Alexa speaker. The Roav Bolt uses Google Assistant, and includes two fast-charging USB ports. Like the JBL Link Drive, it plugs into the cigarette lighter, and can output audio over Bluetooth or an AUX port.

The Roav Bolt seems to be a better product than the JBL Link Drive, at least on paper. It has two fast-charging USB ports, while the Link Drive only has one 2.1A port. The Roav is also appears to be smaller, and has a cheaper MSRP of $49.99 (the Link Drive will cost $60).

Anker expects the Roav Bolt to become available this spring, and you can preorder it now from the Roav site.