It's taken us a few years, but USB-C audio products are starting to be a little easier to come by. Good, affordable in-ear sets are still limited to a few brands though, and Moshi is joining the fray with its $50 Mythro C. The company also announced the $200 on-ear Avanti C headphones.


Starting with the Mythro C, it is made from lightweight aluminum, has 8mm neodymium drivers, an integrated DAC, a microphone, four buttons for controls, and Google Assistant compatibility. It supports high-resolution audio (up to 24-bit/96kHz) and comes in both Gunmetal Grey and Jet Silver color options. It's already available for purchase on Moshi's site today for $50.

I'm a fan of several of Moshi's products, so I'm happy to see the company make a rather affordable set of USB-C in-ear earphones. If sound quality and comfort are really up to the promise, these could be our go-to earphones for 3.5mm jackless Android devices.

Next up is the Avanti C, Moshi's USB-C version of its Avanti on-ear headphones. It will feature a rotatable ergonomic stainless steal headband, premium vegan leather earcups that are angled for comfort, and 40mm neodymium drivers. It also has a built-in DAC, offers hi-res audio (up to 24-bit/96kHz), and should provide some good noise isolation, if not active cancellation.

Based on the provided images, it looks like at least three colors will be available, Caramel Beige, Burgundy Red, and Onyx Black. Price is set at $200, which sounds steep, but is the same as the 3.5mm version of the headset, which is surprising considering most companies would charge a premium for USB-C. The Avanti C will be released in late February.

Press Release

Moshi Goes All-in on USB Type-C Audio with New Headsets: Mythro C and Avanti C
Boasting better sound quality than their 3.5 mm counterparts, Moshi’s new offerings establish the company as an industry leader in USB-C audio.

Las Vegas, Nevada (January 6, 2019) – Moshi, the accessory design house, today has announced two new products in its expanding USB-C audio collection: Mythro C, an in-ear set of headphones with lightweight aluminum housings, and Avanti C, an on-ear headset with an ergonomic headband and premium vegan leather earcups.

“Working with Apple and Google on USB-C projects over the past few years has given us an engineering headstart when it comes to USB-C audio,” said Spencer Pangborn, Director of Product Marketing at Moshi. “Now that major phone makers like Apple, Google, Samsung and others are completely removing the headphone jack, it’s only a matter of time before USB-C headphones become commonplace.”

“Wireless audio solutions will remain popular, but true aficionados will continue using wired headsets since there’s no bandwidth limitation or charging required. USB-C audio also offers superior sound quality because the analog cable runs are shorter thanks to the digital-to-analog converter (DAC) being located near the drivers.”

Moshi’s Mythro C and Avanti C are both equipped with a DAC, and offer high-resolution audio (24-bit/96 kHz) with a Class G amplifier. Mythro C, crafted from lightweight aluminum, includes 8 mm neodymium drivers for crisp highs and deep punchy bass. Avanti C features a rotatable stainless steel headband and angled earcups for added comfort. The on-ear headset is built with high-resolution 40 mm neodymium drivers for a full-bodied sound signature and excellent noise isolation.

Mythro C ($50) is available today on, and Avanti C ($200) will be released in late February.

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