Smart displays are a neat product category; pairing the convenience of smart speakers with visual components is a surprisingly robust experience. In my review of the LG ThinQ View, I found that while its general smart display-ness is nice, there isn't enough special about it to justify its $250 MRSP. A hefty discount can make a real difference, though, and that's just what Costco members can get on the device.

The ThinQ View has some of the best speakers you can get on a smart display right now, and it does all the regular smart home stuff displays do just as well as any of the others out there. You can get recipe tutorials, watch YouTube, control your smart lights and thermostats, all that jazz. It's normally $250, which is plainly too expensive, but for $170, it's a lot more compelling.

You'll need a Costco membership to buy it at this price (or even see the price on Costco's website), but if you were considering the ThinQ View anyway, you could grab the membership for $60 and still come out ahead with a net discount of $20 — but for what it's worth, I wouldn't pay $230 for it, either.