AT&T subscribers on the company's Mobile Share Advantage Plus plans will be getting a bit more data for the same price soon. Messages are being sent out to "select" qualifying subscribers notifying them of the change. Eligible customers with one of the 32 or 50GB plans will be bumped up to 40 or 65GB, respectively, at no additional charge.

AT&T is also increasing speeds for those that exceed their monthly allotment with these plans to 3Mbps, up from 128Kbps. It isn't immediately clear if this speed increase applies to any other plans. Furthermore, exceptions for certain types of data like audio/video streaming and media messaging apply. For more information about AT&T's data policies, check out the company's brief and straightforward 8,000-word explanation for what is and isn't blocked or throttled — plus when, where, and how it decides to — divided across four separate links.

Apparently, not everyone will qualify for this plan change, as AT&T is explicit that it applies only to "select customers who were notified of eligibility by text message or email." Upgrading or downgrading the plan in other capacities may end the promotion.

Not sure which plan you have? Check the "my wireless" section in your myAT&T account to see. Qualifying customers will be switched to the new plan automatically within 2-3 bill cycles.