The way that smartphones send and receive messages is changing, and the name of the game is now RCS: Rich Communication Services. Little by little, manufacturers and carriers are getting their handsets ready for this next-gen protocol, so we're always interested in seeing when some new hardware comes on board. Last year T-Mobile brought compatibility to a number of Samsung devices, and it's continuing to do so now with RCS Universal Profile support coming to the Galaxy Note8 and Galaxy Note9.

T-Mobile got its Universal Profile ball rolling last summer with the service hitting Galaxy S7 devices, followed a few months later by Galaxy S8 models (including the Active). And while the S9 is still waiting for a full-blown UP upgrade, it looks like Samsung's phablets are going to beat it to the punch.

The carrier just updated its Advanced Messaging support page this week to not only catalog RCS Universal Profile support for all those S7 and S8 variants we already knew about, but to also list compatibility with the Galaxy Note8 and Note9. Previously, we tended to catch wind of this support landing by way of individual device updates, which we haven't yet seen for these Note models. It's possible T-Mobile listed them here in advance of that software's release, and we'll get confirmation via some OTA updates shortly.

But whether the carrier actually flips the switch later today, tomorrow, or next week, the RCS Universal Profile is very much coming to Samsung's latest Note devices on T-Mobile — and by all indications, soon.