LG is moving full steam ahead with its SmartThinQ/ThinQ AI brands and announcing more smart stuff for its CES 2019 line-up. We've already learned about its new soundbars and TVs with Google Assistant, and now the company has promised it will clear the fog off two other smart home products: a new Styler steam closet and a Smart Mirror.

The new LG Styler Black Tinted Mirror Glass Door (that's a mouthful!) is obviously a premium product made for those who get dressed to the nines everyday and can afford the price plus space of a dedicated steam closet. It comes in two models, one with three hangers and the second with five, both with space for one pants pair in the door. It eliminates 99.9% of the germs found in clothing, as well as wrinkles and odors. Now I know your most pressing concern is whether it is compatible with Google Assistant, and I'm happy to say it is indeed. You can ask your phone or Google Home to turn on/off your Styler, check what it's doing, and how much time is left on it. Logically, the latter will de-crease as it goes on.

Next up is the Smart Mirror, though its section in the press announcement was quite bare and no photo was provided. We know it is outfitted with an AI that will give you fashion suggestions as well as let you virtually try on clothing and buy them directly, but the rest is hazy. Compatibility with Assistant isn't mentioned, despite LG's vested involvement with the ecosystem. I guess we'll have to wait for CES to coat our knowledge.