I don't need to tell you that HTC is in dire financial straits, but I'm still going to tell you how dire because wow. HTC just released its year-end 2018 numbers, and things are looking bleak. HTC took in just 23.74 billion TWD ($770 million) during 2018, the lowest in all its years as a public company.

HTC's December 2018 revenue clocked in at 1.3 billion TWD, the second lowest month in 2018. That's a month when most device makers see a sales uptick. In fact, HTC's revenues have dropped progressively throughout 2018 with the full year coming to 61.78% lower than 2017. We don't even know the full extent of the damage because HTC has yet to confirm how much it lost—we're only talking about revenue right now. Across the first three quarters of 2018, HTC bled 11.13 billion TWD ($361 million). If we assume the fourth quarter was at least as bad for the bottom line, HTC is looking at around $450 million in losses for 2018.

There were rumors a year ago that Google would acquire HTC, but the company ended up just buying out HTC's Pixel team for $1.1 billion. It went on to fire about 1,500 workers over the summer. It's hard to see any way out for HTC. It has been losing money quarter after quarter for years, and the smartphone market is beginning to plateau. Samsung and Apple continue to dominate high-end phones, and ascendant Chinese brands like Xioami and Huawei are gobbling up much of what's left. It seems like only a matter of time before HTC collapses, and no smartphone reboot is going to save it.