Did you get a new gadget this Christmas? Maybe it was a new Android smartphone, a Chromebook, a smartwatch, some earphones, other miscellaneous accessories like a 360-degree camera, or even a new iPad Pro. If you're scratching your head trying to figure out what to charge those new gadgets with, without taking up every wall outlet in the house, then we have just the deals for you. Aukey has discounted several of its wall chargers on Amazon, dropping their price anywhere from $7 to $17.

I know you're here for the discounts so I will get to them right away:

$17.10 promotion off the 46W charger drops its price to $39.89. 

The discount codes are valid until January 6 so you have a couple of days to shop around and compare prices. But if I was in need of a multi-port charger right now, I'd grab that 46W one straight away. Between USB-C, QC3.0, and a regular USB port, you should have a nice and affordable power station for your bedside table, desk, gadget bag, or travel bag.qu